Brand narrative is the story of the ideas, experiences and values that represent the tangible, authentic depth and integrity of the brand's relationship with its consumer.  My task was to convey that into a long form animation.  I wore many hats with this project, being a one woman show.  Producer, writer, designer, and animator.  I pitched the boards with the different idea's behind each.  The 'sketch' concept, based on how many of us doodle for ideas, won the hearts of my clients.  In the end, the animation was used in their pitch meetings with perspective clients.  
Design two is a kinetic typographic direction.  I felt like a colorful presentation to show to potential clients would be idea.  I love mixing fonts to create distinctive pieces.   
Design three is a moody look where the lines would guide the viewer to the next fact.  I used a bold font that plays with depth and layers.  
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