I'm sure you're asking, who is Clif?  Well, Clif has had an adventurous, long life doing naughty things.  Things I feel like you can come up with on your own just by looking at the designs below.  This is a personal project I was contacted about from a director.  He asked me to concept a look for certain parts of his short film that he would not be able to shoot.  He had only one photo of Clif with the Volkswagen Bug.  The Bug also played a large part in Clif's shenanigans.
I hopped into Procreate and took my drawing and shading skills for a much needed ride.  I wanted to concept a hand drawn look but also use 3D imagery.  I went heavy on texture and did not skimp with taking the direction into a wild space, due to the subject matter.  The director loved this concept but unfortunately has not moved forward with it.  Maybe one of these days I'll get the opportunity to complete this.  And meet Clif.    
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